Anti Inflammatory, Analgesic & Antipyretic Range

Packing :

Depends on Range Type

Composition :

Depends on Range Type

Product Range Available

Sr No.Generic NameStrengthDosage FormPack StylePacking Type
1Aceclofenac SR Tablets200mgFilm Coated Tablet10×10Blister/Alu Alu
2Aceclofenac with Paracetamol Tablets100mg+325 mgFilm Coated Tablet10x10Blister/Alu Alu
3Aceclofenac,SerratiopeptidaseParacetamolTablets with100+325+15 mgFilm Coated Tablet10×10Blister/Alu Alu
4Aceclofenac,Tablets Paracetamol with Chlorzoxazone100+325+250 mgUncoated Tablet10×10Blister/Alu Alu
5Acelofenac with Thiocolchicoside Tablets100+4 mgFilm Coated Tablet10×10Blisetr/Alu Alu
6DiclofenacTablets Potassium with Serratiopeptidase50+15mgEnteric Coated Tablet10×10Alu Alu
7DiclofenacSerratiopeptidasePotassium,TabletsParacetamol with50+325+15 mgFilm Coated Tablet10×10Alu Alu
8Etoricoxib with Thiocolchicoside Tablets60+4 mgFilm Coated Tablet10×10Alu Alu
9Lornoxicam with Paracetamol Tablets4+325 mgUncoated Tablet10×10Alu Alu
10Lornoxicam with Paracetamol Tablets8+325 mgUncoated Tablet10×10Alu Alu
11Lornoxicam Tablets4 mgUncoated Tablet10×10Alu Alu
12Lornoxicam Tablets8 mgUncoated Tablet10×10Alu Alu
13Etoricoxib with Paracetamol Tablets60+325 mgFilm Coated Tablet10×10Alu Alu
14Etoricoxib Tablets60 mgFilm Coated Tablet10×10Alu Alu
15Etoricoxib Tablets90 mgFilm Coated Tablet10×10Alu Alu
16Etoricoxib Tablets120 mgFilm Coated Tablet10×10Alu Alu
17Tramadol with Paracetamol Tablets37.5+325mgUncoated Tablet10×10Blister
18TrypsinTablets Chymotrypsin 1 Lakh Armour Units1 Lakh Armour UnitsEnteric Coated Tablet10×10Alu Alu
19TrypsinParacetamolChymotrypsinTablets 50,000 A.U ,Diclo Pot with50000 A.U+ 50+325 mgEnteric Coated Tablet10×10Alu Alu
20Trypsin, Bromelain with Rutoside Tablets48+90+100 mgEnteric Coated Tablet10×10Alu Alu